1. Keep your home warm! Let your home be a refuge from the cold and rain outside.
  2. Make curb appeal a top priority, especially at night. Chances are potential buyers will be seeing it for the first time at night. Make sure walkways are lit and easy to navigate in the dark. 
  3. Deck the Halls! Feel free to decorate for the holidays. Just be sure to use decorations that are complementary to the rest of the home.  Aunt Muriel’s antique life-sized nativity set may need to stay in storage this year, but next year it will be in your new home. 
  4. Be prepared for showings over long weekends when buyers have time off work or are visiting family from out of town. It is not uncommon for homes to get fewer showings, during the holidays the buyers that do look are more serious. 
  5. Price it right! Buyers and sellers in the winter are generally more motivated than in the spring. But an overpriced home is a hard thing to sell any time of the year.